La Collection

1. Bye Bye Mon Cowboy
2. La Corrida
3. Les Chinois
4. Los Amigos
5. Mademoiselle Anne
6. Dis-moi, dis-moi
7. Lettre un Cowboy
8. Heading West
9. Deep Kiss
10. Everybody Say Love
11. Loving Me is Not a Sin
12. Le Yaya
13. C'est Chaud
14. Comme J'ai Toujours Envie


Original release 1997. No re-issue, no new singles. Out of print

Just what it looks like, a Greatest Hits package from all Mitsou's cds up to that point. All her singles are included, as well as some that probably should have been singles, in Los Amigos, Loving Me is Not a Sin, and C'est Chaud. Would be recommended for someone new to Mitsou, but unfortunately, it's not readily available.


No lyrics, as all songs can be found on the pages for their original release.


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