Born Mitsou-Miel Rioux-Gélinas on September 1, 1970, in Loretteville, Québec. Daughter of actor Alain Gélinas and business woman Yuki Rioux. Sisters are Noémie and Abeille (born Violaine), who also has some acting and modeling experience. Her grandfather was acclaimed comedian Gratien Gélinas.

Mitsou may be best known as the singer of Bye Bye Mon Cowboy, or for appearing nude in the video for her song Dis-moi, dis-moi, but she has always been much more than just a sexy French pop-diva. Acting has been an important part of her life. She started her career at a young age doing television commercials. In 1978, she joined her father in the tv series Terre Humaine. In the early 90's, she starred in two films, Prince Lazure and Cotoye, as well as releasing several albums. In the mid 90's, Mitsou's career focused mainly on television and saw her hosting Studio Libre, C'est Chaud, Les Amuses-Gueules and Mannequin d'un Jour. As well, she appeared in several episodes of the tv series Avoir Su....

The late 90's saw Mitsou take on a more business-like role, with the formation of her own music production company, Dazmo Musique with Iohann Martin, and Vidéo Assist, which provides rental equipment for filming movies. Under these companies, she has worked on such Hollywood films as The Bone Collector, for which she also wrote and recorded a song, Le Toucher. In Québec, Dazmo is a major player in music production. Notable achievements include the television series Fortier, for which they were nominated for a Prix Gémeaux, the film La Loi du Cochon and more recently, coverage of the 2008 Olympics on Radio-Canada. Mitsou returned to music in 1999, with the release of her most critically acclaimed cd Mitsou. While not a commercial success, she has said herself it is the music she is the most proud of.

The early 2000's saw the release of an EP, MitsouVibe, seemingly the end of her music career. Mitsou continued acting, playing a small but memorable role as Little Red Riding Hood in L'odysée d'Alice Tremblay, making an appearance in the Showcase original series Bliss, her first English-language acting role, and securing a featured part in Denys Arcand's Les Invasions Barbares, which was featured at Cannes and won the 2004 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. In the latter half, she was named the director of the brand name Clin d'Oeil, contributing a monthly column to the magazine of the same name, hosted an English language weekly current events show, Au Courant, which aired on CBC and became the spokesperson for the Québec Breast Cancer Foundation.

As the first decade of the new millenium draws to a close, Mitsou is still as active as ever. She remains the host of C't'encore drôle, now in her eleventh year, continues her work with the QBCF and was recently named as the new face of Lise Watier cosmetics after leaving her position with Clin d'Oeil. She hosted a three-part mini series in January 2009 on TQS called Comment va ta famille on TQS and will be heading into the second seasons of both La liste on ARTV and Kampaï! À votre santé! on Radio-Canada. As well, she was featured in a small role in the movie L'enfant Progide, a biography of Québec composer André Mathieu.

Mitsou lives and works in Montréal, Québec, with her husband Iohann and their three daughters, Kia, Stella-Rose and Mila.